A downloadable game for Windows

Tower defense game made with unity.

Controls- Click towers from the menu to purchase them. 

Drag towers on top of each other to merge them- merging similar colors upgrades the tower, while merging different colors creates other, more powerful towers.

Red- Flamethrower tower

Orange- Laser that gets stronger the longer it fires

Yellow- Fires a powerful piercing bolt

Green- Buffs nearby towers in its vicinity

Blue- Standard DPS tower

Purple- Slows down enemies

A quick bug fix- if enemies get stuck at corners, try turning off fast mode.

We were pressed for time- keep in mind some towers and upgrades may be under/overpowered. From stage 20 and on, levels are procedurally generated. 

Have fun!


score_Space.zip 21 MB
PestContol.zip 21 MB

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